Are You An Emotional Eater or Non-eater?
I'm sure there are a number of you that will answer yes to the above question. Not many people identify themselves as having an 'emotional eating' problem if they don't eat but ultimately it is the same thing - your emotions are causing you to behave in a certain way around food.

I see a number of clients who are emotional eaters or non-eaters i.e. the way they feel makes them eat / not eat. I will be talking mainly about the emotional eaters but I'm sure the non-eaters will identify with some of the same things.

Eating is not just about hunger, it's about being social, reward, comfort, control or a treat - you are eating to manage your feelings. To identify how your feelings impact your eating you need to become a detective: do you get cravings for certain foods depending on how you are feeling i.e. happy it might be for chocolate, sad it might be for cakes? Do they change with your moods? Which foods do you go for when? Identifying the foods you crave and linking them to your moods will help you gain insight into the underlying emotions driving the desire.  The desire to eat when you are not hungry is a window into your feelings.

Diets don't resolve the emotional eating issue. That is why, when you stop the diet having reached your target weight, you will return to your emotional eating habits. Emotions are strong and easily over-ride any logic we attempt to apply to them. How many times have I heard "I know it's not logical but..."? Learn how to manage or deal with your emotions and you are on your way to resolving your emotional eating. 

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