August already!
Where is this year going? I can’t believe that I’ve already been for my first 6 month check since my operation in January. I’m happy to report that everything is fine. Next milestone will be my yearly mammogram in January 2012.

What have I been busy doing apart from my coaching and training? Well a lot of people who have heard my story have said I must write a book and tell people so that they are aware of other options and approaches. Hence book number two is under way. I am currently writing down all my ramblings and will then get them in some sort of order.

Due to me loosing weight and having a slightly different hairstyle, it was time to have some updated photos taken. I had a lovely photo session with Abi and Giles one wet afternoon in Shepperton ( the results of which are now on my website.

I’m also planning to do talks and run mini workshops for people. So I’ve been busy working on the plan to start to promote them with Jackie ( my PR lady. As I live in Weybridge we thought it was a good place to start and I’m pleased to say that I already have an interview booked with Brooklands Radio, our local station, on Tuesday 20th September at 1pm on Paullette Schwartz’s programme called Fabulous Women. I’m hoping to run my first talk one evening in October – Breast Cancer Awareness month – in Weybridge, so watch this space!

And somewhere inbetween we went on a lovely holiday to Crete for a week for some R & R!

In a couple of weeks I’m off to Scotland for a few days holiday to catch a bit of the festival and see some friends. Followed by a week’s conference in Glasgow on Incontinence. A subject I want to learn more about in order to apply my skills and techniques effectively. The ultimate aim is to do some research with a friend who is a consultant (medical) and specialist in his field.