Exciting times.
Had a meeting today with Joe and Zoe to confirm the days and times that I will be working at the Esher chiropractic clinic. I’ll be there on a Tuesday morning and Wednesday afternoon as well as offering one Saturday morning a month to start with.

I’m so pleased to be working in a clinic that brings everything together that is needed for good health: the mind, the body and nutrition. I know from personal experience that to be completely healthy all three things need working on and then looking after.

When you work with athletes you quickly realise how intrinsically linked mind and body are to performance, with nutrition being the fuel you put into your body. I look after my mind (and also have my own coach), my nutrition (with help from Justin) and Joe keeps my body moving.

There will be regular talks at the clinic in the evenings to help people reach and maintain their optimal health and when they are all working well ultimately comes happiness.