Hoarding and de-cluttering
I was watching a programme recently about people who hoard excessively in their homes and it made me thing about what people hold on to or hoard in their heads. I started to wander around on the web and found some interesting descriptions of hoarding, which I thought could also apply to people's thoughts:

"Severe cluttering of the person's home so that it is no longer able to function as a viable space"

"Causes significant distress or impairment of work or social life"

If, in the first definition, you replaced 'home' with 'mind' it would certainly describe a lot of people who are 'stuck' by their own thoughts created from either memories of the past or stories they tell themselves that are of no use to anyone!

A very common example: I help people who are stuck in a career but want to change it. Sounds easy - just go do what you want to do. However just like a hoarder they are holding on to things from the past that they no longer have any use for, in this case old beliefs e.g. "...but I don't have the right skills to do anything else" or "my parents paid a lot for my education and it'll be wasted if I give up this job and do what I really want to do".

Some of the beliefs are attached to emotional or sentimental memories and some clients have no idea why they hold certain beliefs - but they must be of some use surely! You don't have to throw away out the memory because you want to get rid of the belief. The constraining beliefs are piled one on top of another so that someone's original dream may be so well hidden underneath a piles of limiting beliefs that they have totally forgotten about them. My job as a coach is to help people clear the clutter, to get them to work out what really is worth keeping as opposed to what is old, broken or no longer of any use to them. The process can be very challenging, even upsetting for my clients; they often get very defensive and argumentative just like a hoarder being challenged as to why they are keeping each item. But challenge I will, and with my support they can start to let go of the clutter and underneath find the life they want.

In the second definition, how many people are hoarding beliefs and thoughts that impair their interaction with others? That stop them from having the social life, finding the partner they want or getting the job / promotion they want? Again by sorting through those thoughts and beliefs that are worth keeping and throwing out the ones that hinder progress a client can achieve what they want in life.

So how much of a hoarder are you? Could you do with a bit of de-cluttering so you can find those dreams and ambitions and turn them into reality? Do you want to make space for new things and people to enter your life? If you do then contact me I'd be happy to help you get started.