January 2013 already!
A slightly belated Happy New Year to you all. When exactly do we stop saying Happy New Year to everyone we meet? 

Anyway, here we are half way through week two of January and how many of you have already given up on those New Years Resolutions? I was in the gym yesterday and overheard a conversation about how busy the gym was and luckily only a few more weeks and it would be back to normal numbers again after the new members stopped coming.


All of us have started something with really good intentions: a new diet or fitness regime, drink less alcohol, give up smoking, only to find we give up and go back to our old ways. What causes us to do that?


I’ve a question I’d like you to ponder on: What things do you believe to be true about yourself? Where did each belief come from? Parents? Siblings? Teachers? Partners? Do you respect, admire, trust, even like that person? If the answer to anyone of those is no then what makes you believe that what they said about you was true?


Are any of your beliefs sabotaging your road to success? Stopping you from believing you can do something? “I’ve always been told I give up on things”, “I can never stick at anything”, “I’m rubbish”.So many people set new goals or resolutions without looking at the beliefs they are building them on and changing them if necessary. You need to work on yourself from the "inside out" not the "outside in". 

When you do believe you can do something then motivation follows and the rest is easy.  Do you need to change some of your beliefs about yourself on the inside before you set your goals? Just because you gave up yesterday simply means you can get going again today. I think this quote from Star Wars sums it up nicely: Luke: “I can’t believe it.” Yoda:“That is why you fail.”