My Challenge To You.
A question for you all this week: How many of you want to make a change in your life but are struggling to do it? The reason I ask is that many of you read self help/development books, set your goals, tell yourselves ‘this time…’ but still struggle to do it. When I’m working with a client I challenge them to make very small changes in their daily routine first e.g. use a different area of the gym, get onto a different part of the train, sit in a different place, park in a different area of the car park. It is amazing how much resistance I get from clients and the excuses as to why they couldn’t do it yet they agree how annoyed or angry they get if ‘their’ locker, seat, space is taken by someone else. After further coaching they agree to change at least one little thing for a week and report back. The more they can change the small things and acknowledge the impact it has on how they feel – most report a negative feeling to start with then a much freer feeling the more they do it – the easier it becomes to make the larger changes in your life. Imagine right now changing one tiny little thing that you do every day and notice how even imagining it makes you feel? Does it make you feel uncomfortable or good? Be honest! So my challenge for you all this coming week is to change at least one small routine thing that you do – get on the carriage next to the one you usually get on, park in a totally different area of the car park to normal and notice how you feel. Because after all if you can’t change something small that really doesn’t impact on anything to a great degree how on earth are you going to make the change in your life that counts?