'Peter Andre My Life' ITV2
For those of you that don’t already know I was lucky enough to be asked to help Peter Andre overcome his phobia of roller-coasters. The things I’ll do to get a free ride… or three, as it turned out, on a roller-coaster. The interesting thing is when I told people they made comments like “Why would you want to overcome it? If you don’t like roller-coasters then don’t go on them. It’s not like they affect your life”

Actually they do, any phobia has an impact on your life. A phobia stops you having choices and often they spread into all sorts of areas of your life. First you can’t do aircraft and then you find you’re avoiding tubes, then buses and trains. People with claustrophobia can’t do lifts, then can’t go places like the cinema unless they have an aisle seat, then start to feel uncomfortable in public places.

For Peter he had found his fears were spreading and decided enough was enough and it was time to reverse the trend before it impacted everywhere. Often phobias are passed onto children as they learn from their parents. Pete had attempted to get on a small roller-coaster with his son, Junior, and had been unable to do it. He had got off which resulted in Junior being in tears because he couldn’t go on it. Anyone with children will understand how that feels, a phobia stops you and your children from doing things, going places.

Once you bust a phobia it spreads the other way and empowers you in lots of other areas of your life. “If I can do that then I can do anything!” If you have a phobia, any phobia, I urge you to be free of it.

As a result of the programme I decided that I didn’t want it to just be “another media thing” I did. Following my experience with cancer I want to give back by raising money for three charities: Cancer Research, The Royal Marsden and Pete’s charity HIPZ. So if anyone buys my book “Phobia? Be Free of It!” @ £6.99 or CD £3.99 or both, by going to the products page and puts PA after their name (that way I can track it) I will make a donation from every sale to the charities. Alternatively if you’d like to make a straight donation put NG after your name – I won’t send anything and the full amount will go to the charities.

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Thank you in advance.