Publicity. At What Cost?
In the past week or so there has been a lot in the press and on social media sites about the behaviour and promotion of female celebrities, amongst them Miley Cyrus and Rhianna, within the music industry. I hasten to add it seems to me to be more that just the music industry using ever more explicit acts and images of females (and in some cases males) wearing not a lot or nothing at all to promote themselves and their businesses.

I'm not naive and fully understand the requirement for publicity. However I'm interested in the "need" some people appear to have to be in the press continuously, apparently being prepared to do anything to ensure they are. What is it fulfilling for them that can't be met in some other way? There are lots of people who are well known and in the press without having to resort to extreme measures for self-promotion. What makes them different?

From my perspective it would appear that an increasing number of people are looking to external things, things on the outside, to compensate for a feeling that they have unfulfilled on the inside. Whether is it displaying more and more extreme behaviours and acts in public to rewarding themselves with food or luxury goods it becomes a never-ending cycle to meet that internal need. My concern is what happens to them when they have literally done anything and everything externally, outside of themselves, to meet that need and it no longer works? What will they do when the publicity stunts no longer bring publicity? When the public are no longer interested in their antics? When they are yesterday's news? How do they fill that void inside and what happens to them when they can't? 

Ask yourself the question: what are you using on the outside to satisfy a need, feeling or insecurity on the inside? Maybe it's a lack of confidence in some area of your life, a fear of not being liked or loved by others, a fear of being alone, a fear of not being good enough. When you change how you feel about yourself on the inside you will no longer "need" those things on the outside to do it for you. It doesn't mean to say that you don't like or want publicity or nice things but you no longer need them as a fix to make yourself feel better. I'd still like a Ferrari but I don't need to do anything at any cost to get it to make myself feel good - I can do that by just looking on the inside, knowing who I am and simply being me.