Small Changes Add Up

Have you ever looked at something you need to do or a goal you’ve set and it just seems so overwhelming that you don’t know where to begin, so you never get started? I was talking about this dilemma clients have with a good friend today and how things can seem just too big to change all at once e.g. cut out wheat, dairy and sugar all at the same time or go from being a couch potato to exercising three times a week.

We had both worked with clients who we asked to change just one thing that they did each week, however small. Maybe one week it was changing the first caramel latte they had each day to a skinny latte. Or if even that was too big, to a skinny caramel latte and then the following week avoid wheat for one day.

By breaking down the ‘overwhelm’ into tiny little changes suddenly it becomes achievable. As the weeks go by the changes have been minimal but collectively, over three months or a year, they can make a huge, and more importantly, lasting difference.

So thinking about one of your goals, what one small change are you going to make towards it this week? Imagine how different things will be in a year’s time after you’ve made fifty-two small changes.