Small things...
This weekend I was in Newcastle for a Virgin Flying without Fear course. Snow had been forecast and true enough when we landed there was snow. Sunday started early with delegates turning up ready to face their fears. We had a great day with a gorgeous view of snow covered hills on the flight. The bad news was that the flight for Paul and me back to Gatwick was cancelled due to the snow. We were moved onto a flight to Southampton and then a coach would take us back to Gatwick. Not ideal but hey ho no point getting all worked up about it.

It was late by the time we got back to Gatwick and headed for the long stay car park to get the car and do the final leg of the journey. The car was covered in an inch or so of snow and we set about clearing it, which resulted in a spontaneous snow ball fight accompanied by much laughter. We finally got in the car when we ran out of the easy supply of snowballs and I dropped Paul off on my way home.

After I dropped him off I thought about how much fun we had just had after a long and tiring day and found myself energised and smiling. It then occurred to me that it was something I would always recall and tell others about. It had already become a good memory. As I pondered on it some more I realised that often it is the small, spontaneous things in life that can make for the best memories and bring back great feelings.