The Weather!

With us heading into autumn there will be a lot of talk about the weather. Well, we are British and love to talk, moan, and comment about our weather. It makes me smile when I hear people grumbling about it.

Everyday we have things happen around us that we don’t like or that don’t suit us. They really start to annoy us and we believe there is nothing we can do about them. Well I have news for you: there is always a choice, you may not like the other option but face it, there is always a choice.

An easy way of living a happier life in a world that annoys you is to either change what annoys you or just accept it as it is and let it go. The hard way to live is to do nothing to change what annoys you but not accept it either. That way you end up spending your days being really annoyed about things you’re not willing to take responsibility for changing.

What’s this all got to do with the weather? Well the weather is one thing we can’t change today, in the moment. There is always the option of changing it in the future by moving to sunnier climes. Complaining about the weather is a great example of someone not accepting things as they are. So next time the weather isn’t exactly as you’d like just accept it and get on with changing the things you can change to make your world a happier place to live in.