Unlock The Passion To Find The Answer
I answered the phone recently to a new client and she started by telling me I had been recommended to her by a friend. She really wasn't sure what coaching was but gathered that I would sit and ask her a lot of questions to which I didn't have the answer. She went on to say that she couldn't understand how on earth this was going to help her solve her issues.

I chatted to her for a while, asking a few questions and let her make up her own mind as to whether she wanted to book a session with me. Needless to say she did. When she came for her session she said how surprised she had been that I hadn't tried to "lock her in" to a certain number of sessions and didn't "sell" my services to her. As had been her experience with other coaches she had spoken to on the phone. 

As I state on my Home Page I have found my own way of doing what I do or coaching, if that is the best word to describe it, and it works really well for my clients and me. They make the decisions from the very beginning about when to see me and how often - not me. In our initial conversation I help my clients work out what they think can be realistically achieved in one session with me. They set and take responsibility for their own expectations - not me.

To do things people need to have a passion surrounding it no matter what it is. You can tell them till "the cows come home" what they need to do, it's so obvious to you. However do they do it? No.  The reason why they will never do it is because there isn't even the slightest spark of passion to do it. The skill in what I do is to listen and ask the right questions that unlock the passion inside my clients first. Once the passion is unlocked on the inside it's amazing how easily they come up with the answers that will help them most. More importantly not only do they come up with the answer but because of the passion behind it they will act on it. I work with what they want, their passions and not what I think is the answer for them.

As for my client? She was amazed at what a few well-chosen questions mixed in with some open and honest discussion could sort out for her. She sent me an email saying that she had already taken huge steps towards her "answers". Oh, and she'd be back again soon.