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"Beliefs, Bing & Me. The Active Role I Took To Tackle Cancer."

Following her diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer, Gill's second book is now available. Price £8.99. Go to Products. Gill is donating 50% of the royalties to her registered charity, Cancer: A Need For Change. 

Through telling her story Gill explains why Bing Crosby and the film White Christmas were so important and why she did or didn’t do certain things. She gives all the tips and techniques she used to tackle cancer" tips and techniques that can be applied by anyone to any diagnosed disease " not just cancer.

What people say...
 "I almost missed my stop reading your book this morning, it's so engaging."  “It really is a wonderful, inspirational book” T. Russell 


Motivational Talks

When I’m not coaching clients then my passion, following a recent personal encounter with breast cancer, is to inspire others through my talks about how powerful beliefs can be. Yes, it’s about what I did to have a positive experience after I was diagnosed. But it’s not just about my ‘cancer story’ it’s about what is possible, how powerful a belief can be and how to ignore negative suggestions in every area of life. It is about how to look on the ‘inside’ rather than the ‘outside’ to understand what is affecting you and how to change it.

My talk is as relevant in the corporate world as it is to an 'after-dinner' audience, sports people or a group of school children.

My book about my experience and all the things I did to have such a positive impact on the outcome is available from the Products page. I am donating 50% of my royalties to my registered charity: Cancer A Need For Change 

If you have any questions or would like me to speak at an event then please email me via the Contact Gill page.